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Our professional debt collection services in Birmingham enable you to carry on with business as usual. At Brotherhood Solutions Ltd, we understand the detrimental effect of unpaid invoices, and we’re here to manage the burden of debt recovery for you. We offer a transparent pricing structure and ensure that you’re kept updated every step of the way. Our experience and tenacity means we have a high success rate and are able to reconcile debts efficiently and discretely. If you'd like to know more, give us a call at 07450 733303.

We have a stellar reputation

Our debt collection service has a reputation among our clients for being efficient, effective but above all – professional. We deal with each case on its individual merits – trying to understand the root cause for the lack of response or payment from an individual or company. Our vast experience means we’re knowledgeable and effective at finding a solution.

Our recovery agents are professionals

Debt collection is a difficult area but one that our team is well prepared for. Our recovery agents are professional and experienced which means they’re quick to get to the root of the issue and devise a solution. We understand that we’re representatives of your business and ensure that all our staff act in an effective, yet professional manner.


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